Album: ALIENIZED EP (2013)

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Song: 1. 6955 KHz

Bitrate: 96kbps

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ALIENIZED is an Experimental band originally formed in 2010 Hudson BsAs ,Argentina.After suffering several changes today with its more stable and consolidated formation looking to get into the story giving people a fresh and interesting proposal to mixing experimental and eccentric Metal genres. After releasing their self-titled EP "ALIENIZED" at the end of 2013,Alienized is today, 2014, writing for the NEXT album and getting into the circuit playing around Buenos Aires and all Argentina.The band hopes this new album underway to transcend frontiers and to pay for outside the country.The band is on vocals Dario Vallejo, Nahuel Wolf and Leo Martinez on guitars, Mauricio Ojeda on bass, NeMesis on keyboards and synthesizers, July Gimenez on drums, and Cristian Lucker on Programming and keyboard tech.